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I’m Dave, and that there with the big smile is Lori. We started AwayGoWe.com in 2010 to chronicle our backpacking adventures as newlyweds, and expat adventures as aid workers.

Today, AwayGoWe has evolved into an essential resource for independent travelers hungry for off-the-beaten-path destinations and adventure travel in less-developed countries across Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

Currently based in Laos with two young boys, we’re constantly adding new guides & articles with our own unique perspective, all 100% road-tested from our own independent travel experiences in each destination we cover.

All to help make your own independent travel adventure more fun and rewarding!

Latest Posts

White Clay Coffee Bay South Africa
7 Reasons Why We Love White Clay Resort in Coffee Bay
White Clay Resort in Coffee Bay is a place of supreme tranquility on South Africa's Wild Coast. Find out why you should add it to your itinerary!
that luang festival saffron clad monks
That Luang Festival: A Guide for Travelers
That Luang Festival is the most important religious festival in Laos. Find out when to visit, what to do, where to stay, and more!
Hidden Laos: 7 Offbeat Things to Do in Vientiane
Tired of temples? Shake things up and check out this local's list of unusual and largely-unknown things to do in Vientiane, with map links.
One Week in Cape Town: Itinerary & Essentials
Cape Town Itinerary: What to see and do during one week in Cape Town. All you need to plan your independent, low cost visit!
things to do in istanbul with kids
15 Awesome Things to Do in Istanbul with Kids
Visiting Istanbul with kids? Here are our 15 favorite things to do in Istanbul with kids, geared to active families and adventure seekers.
halong bay 3 day cruise
Halong Bay 3 Day Cruise: The Ultimate Guide
Our complete guide to getting the very best Halong Bay 3 day cruise in Vietnam! Helpful hints, trip report, best cruise ships and more!
Our Daily Life Posts Have Moved! Check out dailylife.awaygowe.com for our Laos life dispatches and updates on the boys.

Destination Guides + Itineraries

fort kochi places to visit
7 Fascinating Fort Kochi Places to Visit
When it comes to India travel destinations Fort Kochi is hard to top, offering travelers a number of captivating places to visit and things to do in a compact area.
halong bay 3 day cruise
Halong Bay 3 Day Cruise: The Ultimate Guide
Our complete guide to getting the very best Halong Bay 3 day cruise in Vietnam! Helpful hints, trip report, best cruise ships and more!
thakhek loop motorbike village
Essential Guide for Riding the Thakhek Loop
Essential information for planning your own epic Laos motorbiking adventure. Why go now, where to rent, what to bring & more!

Independent Hiking + Trekking Guides

Ndlovini Mountain
We take a hike…up into the Southern Drakensberg to see what we can see…which isn’t much at first, but are rewarded for our efforts in the end.
Inca Trail Trek, Day 1
Instead of taking the tourist route to Machu Picchu, we trekked four days over 42 kilometers following the 500-hundred-year-old Inca Trail. Here's our travel report.
Trekking Tiger Leaping Gorge, Day 3
The last post in a series of three ends on a high note, as we descend deep into Tiger Leaping Gorge and literally climb back out, dodging and clambering over fallen boulders on our way back to rainbows and civilization.

Independent Travel
Gear + Prep

Getting an Infant Passport (and Photo) — What to Know
Do infants need a passport? In most cases, YES! Here's what you need to know — including helpful tips on taking that dreaded passport photo for infant!
Guava Family Lotus Travel Crib: The Best Crib for Travel?
We put the Lotus Everywhere Travel Crib to the ultimate travel crib test—two years of real-world use and abuse traveling in Southeast Asia and beyond! So, is the Lotus Travel Crib the best portable crib for toddler or infant?
vietnam e-visa how to apply online
Vietnam E-Visa: How to Apply Online
Our complete guide for getting the cheapest, no-hassle Vietnam E-Visa, with step-by-step instructions for completing the e-visa application form online.

Featured Destinations

Izamal, Mexico
Charming, Evocative, and Wonderfully Walkable, Izamal, Mexico is a worthy stop off the well trodden Yucatan tourist trail.
visiting istanbul city guide
Istanbul, Turkey
Heaving with 14 million people and millennia of rich history at every turn, Istanbul may shatter all your hopes of ever landing on a more spellbinding destination.
Luang Prabang, Laos
The charming former Laos capital of Luang Prabang has fiercely guarded its religious traditions for centuries. Yet, the UNESCO town's biggest test may still lie on the horizon.

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