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I’m Dave, and that there with the big smile is Lori. We started in 2010 to chronicle our backpacking adventures as newlyweds, and expat adventures as aid workers.

Today, AwayGoWe has evolved into an essential resource for independent travelers hungry for off-the-beaten-path destinations and adventure travel in less-developed countries across Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

Currently based in Cambodia with two young boys, we’re constantly adding new guides & articles with our own unique perspective, all 100% road-tested from our own independent travel experiences in each destination we cover.

All to help make your own independent travel adventure more fun and rewarding!

New + Recently Updated Guides

toddler travel essentials
16 Game-Changing Toddler Travel Essentials
Terrified of traveling with a toddler? Use this packing checklist of road-tested toddler travel essentials from an expat travel family with two wee ones.
VPN Travel
7 Reasons Why You Need a VPN for Travel
Wondering what's the best VPN for travel, living overseas, or life in general? Why do you even need a VPN anyway? Here's the inside scoop.
best travel books travel reading
Self-Isolation Reading: 20 Travel Books to Escape the World
Self-isolating and want to escape? Here are 20 of the very best travel books to add to your COVID-19 travel reading list!

Latest Dispatches from Cambodia

COVID-19 Update: 3/25/20
Why we're staying, the latest on us, and the current COVID-19 situation here in Cambodia.
COVID-19 Update: 3/18/20
The latest from Cambodia. Our current status update from Phnom Penh in the time of COVID-19.
Daily Life: 12-27 January 2020
January was all about settling into our new neighborhood and new normals, while enjoying the dry season sunshine with a chilly day or two thrown in as a bonus.

Travel-Themed Wall Art & Home Decor

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Independent Hiking + Trekking Guides

Inca Trail Trek to Machu Picchu: Complete Trip Report
Walking in the ancient footsteps of the Inca to Machu Picchu was a transformative bucket-list experience that surpassed all expectations. In this series, we detail our four-day Llama Path trek to the sacred Andean citadel.
Turkey Istanbul Walls
Istanbul’s Ancient Land Walls: A Guide for Travelers
The 1600-year-old land walls of Istanbul (city walls of Constantinople) are an unforgettable urban adventure. What to know before you visit.
sipi falls uganda
Sipi Falls: Visiting on Your Own and on a Budget
Sipi falls is a stunning corner of Uganda that shouldn't be missed. Here's how to visit independently, on a budget, hike, where to stay & how to get there.

Independent Travel
Gear + Prep

digital nomad gear tech essentials beach time
10 Butt-Saving Tech Essentials for Digital Nomads & Tropical Freelancers
There's tons of digital nomad gear out there, but few true essentials. Here's our road-tested list of tech essentials—#6 & #10 saved our butts many times.
vietnam e-visa how to apply online
Vietnam E-Visa: Detailed Guide + Top Scams to Avoid
Our complete guide for getting the cheapest, no-hassle Vietnam E-Visa, with step-by-step instructions for completing the e-visa application form online.
boat and sea digital nomad gear
15 Tech Essentials for Moving to a Developing Country
Moving to a developing country? Wondering what home/office tech gear to pack? Don't forget these for your moving abroad packing checklist.

Featured Destinations

halong bay 3 day cruise
Halong Bay 3 Day Cruise: The Ultimate Guide
Our complete guide to getting the very best Halong Bay 3 day cruise in Vietnam! Helpful hints, trip report, best cruise ships and more!
visiting istanbul city guide
Istanbul, Turkey
Heaving with 14 million people and millennia of rich history at every turn, Istanbul may shatter all your hopes of ever landing on a more spellbinding destination.
visit vientiane laos
Vientiane, Laos: An Insider’s Guide
Sleepy and languid by East Asia standards, Vientiane, Laos will surprise you with its diversity of cuisine, quirky sights, friendly locals, and sense of ease.