Hong Kong: Big Buddha

We couldn’t actually see the Buddha, but knew he was in our midst — our guidebook said so, after all. We came to Lantau with the intention of seeing one of the biggest Buddhas in the world, but couldn’t see much of anything due to heavy fog…which felt strangely appropriate for the occasion.

Pingyao Ancient City

Pingyao is a world in itself, frozen in time somewhere in the middle of the last two Dynasties. If we had to choose one place in China to spend almost a week of our trip, we certainly could have done a lot worse.


Beijing turned out to be a great place to lay low for a few days, and turns out our timing was perfect. 10 days after our departure the entire city was submerged by massive widespread flooding.

Suzhou By Night

Stepping out in the evening onto Pingjiang Road after an excruciatingly hot summer day is magical — the entire length of the ancient canal towpath comes alive with townspeople, tourists and merchants of all kinds.

Suzhou By Day

We arrived in Suzhou hoping to beat the July heat, but to no avail. The good news is that Old Town Suzhou seems made for slow strolling with plenty of cool shops, tea houses and cafes when the heat becomes too much.