South Africa

The Secret Cave

Upon check-in, Hippie-Surfer Dude said, “There’s a cave up those tracks, brah…you should totally check it out.” So we did, and what we found astonished and terrified us.

Hermanus Whale Watching

We make a pitstop in Hermanus, the whale watching capital of South Africa, for a few hours to see if we can’t spot some whale action from the shore…turns out the whales were ready and waiting.

The Magical Forest

At our next stop along SA’s hippie trail, Earth Angel checked us into Wild Spirit Backpackers, and suggested we check out the Sunset Tree of Love, Starry Shower and Magical Forest. Seriously.

Wild Coast: Coffee Bay

A mile outside of already-remote Coffee Bay sits a place of stunning beauty and supreme tranquility. Make it down the Driveway of Terror in a tiny compact hatchback and you shall reap your reward.

Wild Coast: Cintsa

Another breathtaking beach stop along our route, Cintsa may have beat all others which came before it…and if it hadn’t been for the Baz Bus, it would’ve been just about perfect.