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About Us

I’m David, and that’s Lori and Noe

We like to explore new places. Sometimes, we stay for a few days. Other times, we stay for a few years. It all depends where life takes us. Right now, Vientiane, Laos is where we’re calling home.

Between Lori and me, we’ve found ourselves in something like 40 countries over the past three decades. We like to travel mindfully, which for us means staying in one place long enough to gain some meaningful sense of people and place and make memories there.

Often, people wonder how we finance our travels. Well, for us it’s simple. Literally. We try to live simply, generally adhering to a strict budget. That’s the main thing. We frequently opt for local transport and prefer to spend quality time in a few places rather than trying to see everything. We love venturing off the beaten path and do so whenever we get the chance (though I’m a sucker for UNESCO sites and the beach).

But income does help. For that, we do work. Currently, Lori coordinates rehabilitation and disability programs for an international non-governmental organization (NGO) here in Laos. Before Noe, I worked in the foreign assistance/ humanitarian sector. Right now, I am enjoying being a full-time dad (best job in the world!) and part-time travel blogger and photographer. Additionally, we receive a small amount of income from this blog to help keep it up and running (see Trusted Partners below to find out more).

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