That Luang Festival: An Insider’s Guide for Travelers

That Luang Festival is the most important religious festival in Laos. Find out when to visit, what to do, where to stay, and more!

That Luang Festival is considered the most important Theravada Buddhist festival in Laos — a time for topping up merit and paying respects to the Grand Stupa.

In this article, we share our experience visiting the festival over two different years, offer insight into some of the celebrations and observances, and share helpful tips and essential information for visiting.

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that luang festival laos

What Is That Luang?

Pha That Luang (pronounced pah taht l’wong) is the most important religious monument in the country, and perhaps the most iconic. That Luang appears on everything from Laotian currency to tourism marketing materials.

Stupas such as That Luang are found throughout the Buddhist world. The most important ones are shrines to relics of Buddha. It is believed that That Luang houses the Buddha’s hair and breast bone (sternum).

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That Luang is a symbol of the resiliency of the Laotian people and nation, as its long history — much like the nation’s — is marked by a continuous cycle of triumph and turbulence.

Originally built as a Hindu temple in the 3rd century, its significance was forever changed when Buddhist missionaries brought the holy breast bone relic to the stupa after the death of Buddha.

The stupa eventually fell into ruin until the 13th century when it was rebuilt as a Khmer temple, which also fell into ruin in the coming centuries.

When the king of Luang Prabang moved his capital to Wieng Chan (Vientiane) in the 16th century, he ordered the relocation and reconstruction of That Luang 4km from the city center.

However, moving the stupa did not improve its odds of survival, as it was plundered and raided repeatedly by the Burmese, Siamese, and Chinese from the mid-17th to mid-19th centuries.

That Luang was abandoned until the French restored its original design in 1900, though this was unsuccessful and had to be reconstructed in the 1930s. Again, the stupa was heavily damaged during the Franco-Thai War but finally reconstructed to what we see today after the end of World War II.

I dare you to find another landmark anywhere else in the world that has such a long and tumultuous history.

that luang festival full moon night balloons

When Is That Luang Festival?

The national holiday of Boun That Luang (Festival of the Grand Stupa) occurs on the full moon of the twelfth lunar month of the Buddhist calendar, which usually places it squarely in November of the Gregorian (Western) calendar. The date of the next few That Luang Festivals are:

  • 2019: Tuesday, November 12th
  • 2020: Monday, November 30th
  • 2021: Friday, November 19th

There always seems to be some disagreement among Lao people we talk to as to when the festival occurs each year. Online resources reflect the same lack of agreement.

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While we’ve been told the dates of the actual holiday are subject to change each year, the last (and most important) day of the festival has indeed landed on the full moon of the 12th lunar month in the three years we’ve been living here. The above dates follow this pattern.

Keep in mind that festivities begin 2-3 days beforehand.

Where is the Festival Located?

That Luang Festival is held each year in Vientiane, Laos, in two locations over three days: Wat Si Muang the first evening, and Pha That Luang (Grand Stupa) the next two days (see map).

That Luang, Vientiane, Laos


that luang festival Buddhist monks

What Is That Luang Festival?: What to Expect

The That Luang Festival is a celebration of both the stupa’s religious and historical significance, as well as a celebration of the nation itself.

For three days during the twelfth lunar month, Laotians from all corners of Laos descend on Vientiane to celebrate the Festival of the Golden Stupa (Boun That Luang).

Like many Buddhist holidays in Laos, it’s a time for worship, celebration, spending time with family, and dressing in your festival best.

Each of the three days is marked by different activities and observances, which are discussed in further detail below.

wax candle procession laos

Day One

The That Luang Festival doesn’t actually start at the stupa, itself, but another important Buddhist landmark in Vientiane, Wat Si Muang.

At sunset on the first evening, devotees arrive for a candlelight procession involving wax castles (phasat pheung).

Day Two

The next afternoon, crowds descend on That Luang with their wax castles for the first procession around the Golden Stupa. This is the main day for family gatherings and cultural events around That Luang and the rest of the city.

that luang wax candle procession

Day Three

Beginning before sunrise of the final day, crowds gather at That Luang for tak bat, or monks almsgiving. This is a time of spiritual reflection and honoring the ancestors with water and prayers.

Later in the morning, families gather on the temple grounds surrounding the stupa for traditional picnics.

offerings at that luang festival laos

The devoted bring their family offering bowl loaded with an assortment of consumables for the monks and to pay homage to the ancestors.

Buddhist monks receiving alms


devotees waiting to give alms to monks

People wait in long lines for the opportunity to present their offerings and receive a blessing on this important occasion.

that luang festival laos


prayers for the ancestors

Some leave small offerings around the complex for the spirits of family members who have passed on.

traditional village at that luang festival

A folk heritage temporary exhibit is also constructed just for the occasion. This mock traditional village has been set up to showcase traditional village life and livelihoods.

live lao music vientiane laos

There is also live music using traditional instruments as part of the folk heritage exhibit.

traditional lao pedicabs vientiane

Completely replaced by tuk-tuks, pedicabs are a relic of the past in Vientiane. At That Luang during festival time, however, there are a dozen on hand for photo-ops.

families gathered for a picnic in Vientiane Laos

Families convene for a traditional picnic on the grounds surrounding the stupa.

That Luang Festival in Laos

At the end of the third day of festivities, the devotion portion of the That Luang Festival winds down under a full moon with a candlelight procession around the stupa.

process around That Luang stupa in Vientiane

After entering the inner sanctum, devotees — carrying incense and candles — walk three times (clockwise) around the stupa in honor of Buddha. Women are required to wear a sinh (they are available for rent just outside the gate).

offerings and wax candles in Laos


That Luang Festival Laos

The stupa has accumulated a mountain of offerings around its entire perimeter from three days of festivities.

getting fortune read at Buddhist temple in Laos

Devotees pause to write their hopes and wishes for the coming year on a piece of paper to be blessed by the presiding monks. An offering of kip notes is made to the temple.

jumbotron broadcasts festival in Laos

Outside of the stupa walls, the celebrations are quickly ramping up, with carnival rides and games, musical acts, and food. Families gather at food stalls to eat Khao Poun, the national rice noodle soup dish.

Meanwhile, live shots from inside the stupa walls are broadcast to the revelers on the outside.

That Luang Festival and full moon

All the while, on this particular year, the super moon rises just over That Luang. Awesome.

lights over crowd at festival in Laos


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One Final Word of Advice

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Have You Been to That Luang Festival?

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