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Uros Floating Islands Lake Titicaca Peru

Uros Floating Islands of Lake Titicaca

And now for something a bit different. At 12,500 feet above sea level (3,800m), Lake Titicaca is the highest navigable lake in the world. It’s also home to the Uru-Aymara who live across 44 self-constructed floating islands of reed!

Quilotoa Village Ecuador

Quilotoa Village

Hiking the rim around the 12,800-foot high Quilotoa “crater lake” was high on our list of must-do adventures in Ecuador, but we soon discovered that half the adventure was simply getting there.

Dar es Salaam to Lushoto

Fresh off a fantastic two weeks on Zanzibar, we spend a couple of days in Tanzania’s largest city, with our sites set on what’s next.


Maxixe. Mind blown. Pavement, strip malls, trees. For me, Maxixe once represented a gateway to the outside world. I was eager to introduce Lori to this dusty, bustling transit hub. Only problem–I hardly recognized it.

Cape Winelands: A Tale Of Three Wineries

We set out from Stellenbosch on a gorgeous midweek morning with two simple objectives for the day: to cover the 20 miles to Franschoek and to hit a few wineries along the way. Done and done.

Hotel Rwanda Hotel des Mille Collines

23 Nights in Hotel Rwanda

What is it like to spend nearly a month in one of Africa’s most infamous hotels? This is my experience in Hotel Rwanda.

Trekking Tiger Leaping Gorge, Day 3

The last post in a series of three ends on a high note, as we descend deep into Tiger Leaping Gorge and literally climb back out, dodging and clambering over fallen boulders on our way back to rainbows and civilization.

Tiger Leaping Gorge

Trekking Tiger Leaping Gorge, Day 1

Tiger Leaping Gorge is often considered quite simply THE BEST trek in China, and for good reason: it’s an amazing place. Day one leads us through lush hillside and small villages.

Northern Uganda: Gulu

If you like real and surreal together, then by golly, Gulu is the place for you. It’s dusty and proud and friendly, but not overly so. It’s also two distinct towns on a collision course.

Into the Wild: Kampala to Gulu by Bus

After 10 days spent in Kampala, we were itching to finally set out into the field to begin our interviews in earnest. Our journey takes from the capital city over the Nile and on to Gulu.