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Chicken, Temple, Massage, Repeat.

Digging into some world-famous chicken, taking in another temple, and trying our best to not let a three-month-old get in the way of a good ol’ fashion massage.

Not entirely a surprise, it began to pour again about halfway to our lunch stop. When we arrived to SP Chicken, we were wet and hungry — basically, ready for some awesome chicken.

For those of you from the Portland area (or NYC, or who have seen Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown and No Reservations), you may have heard of a little place called Pok Pok, and Andy Ricker, it’s creator. What you might not know is that Ricker got much of his inspiration (and roasted chicken prowess) from Mr. Lit, the man behind SP Chicken, where we find ourselves now.

The chicken was simply awesome. Definitely not overhyped. Some of the best chicken, ever. Seriously. We really should have gotten more, but Lori was still not feeling 100% and didn’t have much of an appetite. Fortunately she was feeling well enough to sample the art of Mr. Lit.


By the time we finished up licking our fingers and savoring the lingering taste of lovingly-roasted chicken in our mouths, it was time to start meandering in the direction of Fah Lanna Spa!

Pre-Noe, we were able to do a one-hour couple’s massage — not realistic at the moment (somebody’s got to make sure Noe doesn’t run off to Bangkok with one of the masseuses) — instead, we planned back-to-back massages. I entertained the Mister for the first hour, and Lori got him the second.

We were a bit early for our first appointment, so we stopped in at nearby Wat Chiang Man, the first temple of Chiang Mai and also the same one we happened to stop in on the way to Fah Lanna four years ago.

Chiang Man is known for its distinctive Chedi Chang Lom or ‘Elephant’ Chedi. The complex dates to the year 1297, though none of the present structures are quite that old.









Lori pointed this out to me on our way out of the complex — a women selling pigeons under baskets. I hadn’t really noticed on our way in, and even if I had I wouldn’t have thought much of it. However, Lori had heard the woman ask another passerby [in English] if they’d like to “pay to free a bird — bring good luck!” Seems luck hadn’t favored these particular pigeons, why should I think things might end up any better for me?

Fah Lanna Spa. We had been dreaming of this place for the past four years and have returned! Baby is calm, cool and collected. Time to enter the oasis.

Noe says: “What you talkin’ bout? I don’t need no stinkin’ massage.”



Lori was first up. All went great…for the first ten minutes. Then, the Mister started to miss mommy. Actually, he started to miss what mommy could give him and I couldn’t, per the usual. Then, the rain came and he seemed to forget all about mommy…for about five minutes. Then we played a game. Then I tried in vain to put him down for a nap. Then we walked around for a bit. Then, I glanced at the time: 40 more minutes. And so it went until mommy came out relaxed and refreshed.




An hour later, I emerged from my heavenly oasis to a happy mom and a sleeping baby — who must have smelled my relaxation and promptly awoke. Well, it was nice while it lasted. Time to get moving!

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We need to do all of these things when we visit!

Shirley MacDonald
Shirley MacDonald

Noe looks more like a Northcraft all the time!