Luang Prabang: The Tamarind Café

How do you follow a memorable day in Luang Prabang, Laos? With an unforgettable dinner experience.

How do you follow a memorable day? With an even more memorable dinner experience, of course.

After settling in to our guesthouse, we headed back down to the banks of the Mekong for a sunset drink. An absolute magical evening in a magical place with BeerLao and Lao Lao (local Lao moonshine), reflecting on the last two days watching the banks of the Mekong roll by. Few happy-hour experiences compare.

Afterwards, we headed over to Luang Prabang’s legendary Tamarind Café and Cooking School. Lori and I enjoyed a delicious set menu sampler, cocktail and dessert at Tamarind, a renowned Lao-fusion cooking school.

The Tamarind Café, Kingkitsarath Road, Luang Prabang

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